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currently I'm an internee and about to join in a project in which I have to take responsible for implementing the server side part.

The scenario: _There are many kiosks, each runs a winform application, this application read barcode from customer's card and then send the info to server. _The server has several web services, each service can process the info received from client and send back the result. The server also has the ability to display logs/reports for the administrator to see.

So how can I implement the communication between the client and server? I have researched a bit and see two solutions: .Net socket and WCF but don't know which one is better for this situation or is there any other better way? And the report display ability I can implement it just as a normal web application right?

Also, I would love to receive links to tutorials similar to my problem.

Sorry for my bad English and thanks a lot!

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except WCF providing 'Remote Procedure Call' approach you can also consider to communicate via messages.
Both approaches have its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you should consider it based on your requirements. Maybe this article could be useful:

In case of messaging based communication, You can check Eneter Messaging Framework.
It is easy to use and you can download it from
Examples for scenarios similar to yours you can find on

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