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Is it safe to use position:absolute in a email template?

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Depends on which mail clients your users are using. Outlook for example handles position: absolute well, Thunderbird on the other hand doesn't.

I would try designing your mail-template as "normal" as possible. Tables help a lot for example (yuck).

See the following page about styling tips on HTML mails, including some position absolute advice:

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Update: Outlook 2007 and up doesn't support position:absolute, and at least some versions of Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and possibly Hotmail don't support it either. –  Matt Coughlin Aug 19 '12 at 1:48

According to Style in Email, neither AOL (before release 9) nor Mozilla Mail/ThunderBird (all versions) support absolute positioning in the email body.

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Adding to an old question, I know - but I can confirm that neither GMail supports position: absolute at the moment.

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