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Here's the thing: I need to take a certain Java EE web app and deploy it to Amazon EC2 (which I will need to setup first) starting next month (using the AWS Free Tier Usage - hope it supports Tomcat + MySQL/PostgreSQL).

The problem: I have never ever deployed a Java EE app (not even a normal one on a dedicated hosting) nor have I setup an Amazon EC2 enviorment.

Are there any, idiot proof preferably, tutorials/how-to's/whatever on doing it from the very beginning (signing up to Amazon) till the very end (when your app is all up and running)?

I did find some tutorials on how to setup an Amazon EC2 instance, how to normally deploy a Java EE app but what I'm looking for is a single tutorial putting it all together.

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Start with an Ubuntu AMI. Then install tomcat. Now put the WAR file of your J2EE app where tomcat can see it. You can use the AWS console to start/stop your machines, configure firewall rules that allow you to access port 80, etc. There won't be a step by step guide telling you exactly what to do, welcome to being a programmer.

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Thanks, hopefully there's always SO. – Mateusz Dymczyk Oct 28 '10 at 19:03
Does this work with Glassfish with a database as well? – Archimedes Trajano Dec 2 '11 at 23:00

Once we have the instance (like Ubuntu) running then, installs Glassfish (Java EE server) and configure it to work with Java EE. It depends more of the instance itself (Ubuntu) than EC2 Amazon... here a nice video (how to install Glashfish in Ubuntu + Netbeans config)


  • Keep in mind both videos are a little old (may some adjustments are necessary)
  • The videos are indirectly related. But my point is: there isn't much info about Amazon AWS and Java EE, but there are a lot info about Amazon AWS and Linux, and Linux and Java EE.

Update You can try Amazon Beanstalk (Deployment & Management) integrated with Netbeans (without Glashfish?)

SSH to Elastic Beanstalk instance (Amazon + Java)

enter image description here

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Elastic Beanstalk is the way to go. Here's another SO thread with some info.… – vivien.destpern Jan 19 '15 at 13:32

Boxfuse now supports deploying Java EE applications using either Tomcat, TomEE Web Profile or TomEE Plus to AWS with a single command

boxfuse run mytomeeapp-1.0.war -env=prod

This will create an image, provision all necessary AWS infrastructure (AMIs, security groups, auto-scaling groups, launch configurations, ELBs, Elastic IPs, ...) and launch the instances. It supports blue/green zero downtime updates with Elastic IPs and ELBs.

You can find a tutorial here:

Disclaimer: I am the founder and CEO of Boxfuse

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