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I have the following that selects a list of benefits for a given product:

foreach (var benefit in Model.Products.Where(x => x.ProductId == "454").SelectMany(p => p.Benefits).Where(b => b.HeadlineBenefit == false))

However I want to change this to select a list of befits for the first product in the collection. I thought the below would work but it doesnt:

foreach (var benefit in Model.Products.FirstOrDefault().SelectMany(p => p.Benefits).Where(b => b.HeadlineBenefit == false))
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Given that FirstOrDefault() isolates a single product, you don't need SelectMany(), for example:

foreach (var benefit in Model.Products.FirstOrDefault().Benefits.Where(b => b.HeadlineBenefit == false))
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Im trying to isolate a single product but do a select many on the benefits of that product. –  FloatLeft Oct 28 '10 at 14:32
OK, sorry for my omition, then the sequence could be: Model.Productos.Single(p => p.Id == "123").Benefits.Where(b => /* b cond. */); –  Edgar Sánchez Oct 28 '10 at 18:50

Are you trying to get all of the benefits for the first product?

If so you could do the following:

//get a product that has at least one benefit matching our criteria
var product = Model.Products.Where(m => m.Benefits.Any(b => !b.HeadlineBenefit)).FirstOrDefault();

//now do something with all of the benefits that match our criteria
foreach (var benefit in product.Benefits.Where(b => !b.HeadlineBenefit))

Note how I've used the criteria into both queries. If you just grab the first product it could have no applicable benefits!

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How about something like that?

    foreach (var benefit in Model.Products.Where(b => b.HeadlineBenefit == false).FirstOrDefault()) {
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