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I have some Abstract Factory

public interface AbstractViewersFactory {
    IAbstractShapeViewer createRectangle(BaseOperationsListener<RectangleDTO> p);
    IAbstractShapeViewer createOval(BaseOperationsListener<OvalDTO> p);
    IAbstractShapeViewer createTriangle(BaseOperationsListener<TriangleDTO> p);

And Its implementation Draw2DViewersFactory. Now, I want create some class that will take responsibility for creating presenters/viewers by model and configurate it by Spring. So, I need describe in .xml configuration what method it should call. It can be something like this (pseudo config)

<bean creator>
    <bean describe-item> <constructor-args>model=Rectangle.class, method-for-viewer-create="createRectangle"</args>
    <bean describe-item> <constructor-args>model=Oval.class, method-for-viewer-create="createOval"</args>

How I can do it?


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Your question is very unclear. Please explain further. – skaffman Oct 28 '10 at 12:19
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Even though your question is very unclear, I think I got what you wanted to know. You can define a spring bean as a factory instance and then set the factory method of this bean like this:

<bean id="myFactoryBean"

  <bean id="exampleBean"

Hope this helps. Google this for further information :p


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thanks. I think it's what i need. – Stas Kurilin Oct 28 '10 at 12:37
actually since AbstractViewersFactory is an interface, the answer should use <bean id="myFactoryBean" class="Draw2DViewersFactory"> – herman Aug 2 '12 at 10:38

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