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I'm having trouble printing a web page of information, which should span onto about 3 pages. Currently, only 1 page is printed, and the rest of the data is not visible anywhere? Is there some JS or HTML I can use to break the page, and allow the information to continue being printed on the next pages.

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Who's voting to close this? Why? It's a perfectly good question. – Pointy Oct 28 '10 at 13:32

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You need a print stylesheet, and it should have height set to "auto" and overflow set to "visible" for the body. What I do is something like:

@media print {
    html, body { height: auto; overflow: visible; }

Just put that in your main CSS file or in a file of its own.

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Yes I already have these properties set in a print stylesheet :S – Derek Paring Oct 28 '10 at 13:21
Well try adding "! important" after "visible" and before the semicolon. – Pointy Oct 28 '10 at 13:26

There's a pretty good article on A List Apart about preparing your site for print.

There is a known bug with floated divs getting cut off, it might be worthwhile for you to take a look.

A List Apart / CSS Design: Going to Print (See the section: Fixing a float flub)

Hope this helps!

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You can also force your breaks

.break { page-break-before: always; }
content on page 1...
<h1 class="break">text of Heading 1 on page 2</h1>
content on page 2...
<h1 class="break">text of Heading 1 on page 3</h1>
content on page 3...
<p class="break">content on top of page 4</p>
content on page 4...
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