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i have some vcl.net apps(delphi 2006 , .net 1.1 ) and i like to port them to delphi.net 2007 . but i like to port it to delphi prism as it has mono support so i can port it on liux and support to latest .net framework(but i know mono supports full .net 1.1),as prism is completely new and vcl is deprecated how to upgrade my app to prism. i am not ready to change each and every line,and the project is very big also , i use jvcl olso

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You can use the ShineOn library as a replacement for some parts of the VCL.NET.

You can translate Delphi syntax to Delphi Prism syntax with Oxidizer.

Both are projects from RemObjects software (the company behind the compiler and IDE integration of Delphi Prism).

They are both only aids though, so your mileage will still vary.

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shineon and oxidizers are good but still more to do –  VibeeshanRC Oct 29 '10 at 4:31

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