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Is there a application (Or way in coldfusion/ to be able to convert a swf to a image file? It needs to be ok quality and needs not to be too slow.

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You can export directly from Adobe flash to PNG.

Or you can use swftools.

swfrender file.swf -o output.png
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I'll look into it, although i would like to avoid things you have to install. – James T Oct 29 '10 at 13:49
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Example Code (using fixed preload time)

Set SWFToImage = CreateObject("SWFToImage.SWFToImageObject")
SWFToImage.InputSWFFileName = "PRELOAD1://movie_with_dynamic_data.swf"
SWFToImage.ImageOutputType = 1 ' set output image type to Jpeg (0 = BMP, 1 = JPG, 2 = GIF)

SWFToImage.Execute_Begin ' start conversion
SWFToImage.FrameIndex = 1 ' set frame index
SWFToImage.SaveToFile "movie_with_dynamic_data.jpg"
SWFToImage.Execute_End ' end conversion
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