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I'm using an IJobListener in Quartz.NET to audit all job successes/failures. When a job fails, I want the exception to be taken into the IJobListener so the exception can be stored too for later analysis.

Currently my job listener is like this:

public virtual void JobWasExecuted(JobExecutionContext context, JobExecutionException x)


But even though all transactions in the Execute method for the job are encased in a try with a catch(Exception x), which I then throw, the 'x' for JobExecutionException is never populated.

Is there a special way of actually getting the exception to the job listener?


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Do you just throw the Exception? Have you tried wrapping it in the right Type that JobWasExecuted is expecting?

public virtual void Execute(JobExecutionContext context)
      //divide by zero... or something else that causes an exception
    catch (Exception e)
      JobExecutionException je = new JobExecutionException(e);
      je.RefireImmediately = true;  //do something with the exception
      throw je;  //throw JobExecutionException
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