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How to make regular expression in PHP? Can anyone guide me to the basic rules to make regular expressions?

share|improve this question in general has the entire documentation for the php language. It's probably one of the more valuable resources available.

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A good start would be the PHP manual for regular expressions:

Regular Expressions (Perl-Compatible)

There are three major use cases for regular expressions:

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Check out this regex tutorial and its PHP section for details on how to use regexes in PHP.

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See the book of PHP’s PCRE functions, in particular the chapter on PCRE’s pattern syntax.

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Here are a couple tutorials on using regular expressions in PHP that will get you started:

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You will get basic details of expression content here

Table 1. Common regex operators

  1. . (period) Match any single character
  2. ^ (caret) Match the empty string that occurs at the beginning of a line or string
  3. $ (dollar sign) Match the empty string that occurs at the end of a line
  4. A Match an uppercase letter A
  5. a Match a lowercase letter a
  6. \d Match any single digit
  7. \D Match any single nondigit character
  8. \w Match any single alphanumeric character; a synonym is [:alnum:]
  9. [A-E] Match any of uppercase A, B, C, D, or E
  10. [^A-E] Match any character except uppercase A, B, C, D, or E
  11. X? Match none or one capital letter X
  12. X* Match zero or more capital Xes
  13. X+ Match one or more capital Xes
  14. X{n} Match exactly n capital Xes
  15. X{n,m} Match at least n and no more than m capital Xes; if you omit m, the expression tries to match at least nXes
  16. (abc|def)+ Match a sequence of at least one abc and def;abc and def would match

for more details use following link Mastering regular expressions in PHP

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