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I am trying to write a regex in Java to get rid of all heading and tailing punctuation characters except for "-" in a String, however keeping the punctuation within words intact.

  1. I tried to replace the punctuations with "", String regex = "[\\p{Punct}+&&[^-]]"; right now, but it will delete the punctuation within word too.

  2. I also tried to match pattern: String regex = "[(\\w+\\p{Punct}+\\w+)]"; and Matcher.maches() to match a group, but it gives me null for input String word = "#(*&wor(&d#)("

I am wondering what is the right way to deal with Regex group matching in this case


Input: @)($&word@)($&                   Output: word
Input: @)($)*$&$      Output:
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Can you drop in some sample data? – Keng Oct 28 '10 at 15:43
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    Pattern p = Pattern.compile("^\\p{Punct}*(.*?)\\p{Punct}*$");
    Matcher m = p.matcher("@)($)*$&$");
    if (m.matches()) {

To give some more info, the key is to have marks for the beginning and end of the string in the regex (^ and $) and to have the middle part match non-greedily (using *? instead of just *).

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be warned that \p{Punct} is an ASCII-only version of the POSIX [[:punct:]] character class. This (rather small) set includes characters that from the Unicode perspective fall into both \pP Punctuation and \pS Symbol. That’s because Unicode made two distinct general categories where POSIX had only one alone. – tchrist Dec 2 '10 at 2:58

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