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How calculate the day of the week of a date in ruby? For example, October 28 of 2010 is = Thursday

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I have used this because I hated to go to the Date docs to look up the strftime syntax, not finding it there and having to remember it is in the Time docs.

require 'date'

class Date
  def dayname

  def abbr_dayname

today =

puts today.dayname
puts today.abbr_dayname
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looks like the Time class also has a #wday method, FWIW. – rogerdpack Feb 27 '12 at 17:04
Distilling steenslag to one line that directly answers the poster: use Date::ABBR_DAYNAMES[]. (You do have to include the Date library before you can use it: require Date.) Options: to show full day names instead of just first three letters, use DAYNAMES instead of ABBR_DAYNAMES. – Assad Ebrahim Aug 20 '12 at 0:35
is there any way to get a number from 0..6 without converting it yourself? – Xitcod13 Mar 31 '14 at 22:17

Take a look at the Date class reference. Once you have a date object, you can simply do dateObj.strftime('%A') for the full day, or dateObj.strftime('%a') for the abbreviated day. You can also use dateObj.wday for the integer value of the day of the week, and use it as you see fit.

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How would you localize this, say if you were using Rails? – Mohamad Nov 8 '12 at 16:30

Well, I've never coded in ruby, but a quick google gives

time =    # Convert number of seconds into Time object.
puts time.wday    # => 0: Day of week: 0 is Sunday
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=> "Wednesday""%A").downcase  
=> "wednesday"
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Say i have date = then date.strftime("%A") will print name for the day of the week and to have just the number for the day of the week write date.wday.

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As @mway said, you can use date.strftime("%A") on any Date object to get the day of the week.

If you're lucky Date.parse might get you from String to day of the week in one go:

def weekday(date_string)

This works for your test case:

weekday("October 28 of 2010") #=> "Thursday"
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In your time object, use the property .wday to get the number that corresponds with the day of the week, e.g. If .wday returns 0, then your date is Sunday, 1 Monday, etc.

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Works out of the box with ruby without requiring:"%A").downcase #=> "thursday"
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