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got this situation. Reports habtm users. So Im trying to paginate just the Reports that are linked to the Auth user... I read when you have a habtm relationship you have to bind the model temporarily using 'hasOne' like this:

function index(){
$conditions=array('ReportsUser.user_id'=>$this->Auth->User('id'), 'ReportsUser.report_id'=>'Report.id');

function beforeFind()
$this->Report->bindModel('hasOne'=>array('ReportsUser'), false);

so here is the issue... that doesn't work... that give me no results... I already checked the database for user having any Report, and i logged in with one of those user...

any suggestions?

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$conditions=array('ReportsUser.user_id'=>$this->Auth->User('id'), 'ReportsUser.report_id'=>'Report.id'); 

i just had to remove 'ReportsUser.report_id'=>'Report.id' cuz cake was searching for it for a second time... so i just left


and i add

$this->Report->bindModel('hasOne'=>array('ReportsUser'**=>array('className'=>'ReportsUser', 'foreignKey'=>'report_id')**), false);
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