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I'm making application running on Google App Engine and I'm having problem with getting data using JDO. I have class Message, which has property private List<String> labels;. Now I want to have some search function which takes one string (label) as a parameter and searches all messages to get messages with given label. The problem is with the JDO query, right now I have this (string this.label is a search parameter):

   String query = "select from " + Message.class.getName() + " where (labels.contains('" + this.label + "')) ";

It works on localhost, but not in GAE (returns NULL). Another (and naive) attempt was

   query = "select from " + Note.class.getName() + " where labels=='" + this.label + "'";

And it also worked only on localhost, not GAE

Does anybody have an idea how to do that? Thanks for any help

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No idea why things do or dont work, but just to say that the second is not valid JDOQL so best to forget that one. Yes GAE/J people may say they support it but that is a subversion of the JDO spec. The Collection.contains() is a valid method call –  DataNucleus Oct 29 '10 at 6:36

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Basically your statement is wrong. It should be something like:

String query = "SELECT FROM " + Message.class.getName() + " WHERE labels.contains(i) && i.label == labelParam " + " VARIABLES " + Labels.class.getName() + " i " + " PARAMETER java.lang.String labelParam "

Good Luck

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