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I have two models like below:-

class Food(db.Model):

class FoodReview(db.Model):

I go ahead and create an entity:-


When someone writes a review, the function which does the below comes in play:

theentitykey=db.Query(Food,keys_only=True).filter('foodname =','apple').get()
r.reviews=theentitykey #this is the key of the entity retrieved above and stored as a ref property here
r.thereview='someones review' #someone writes a review

Now the problem is how to retrieve these reviews. If I know the key of the entity, I can just do the below:-

theentityobject=db.get(food-key) # but then the issue is how to know the key
for elem in theentityobject.thefoodreviews:
       print elem.thereview

else I can do something like this:-

theentityobj=db.Query(Food).filter('foodname =','apple').get()

and then iterate as above, but are the above two ways the correct ones?

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If to get the food you're always doing db.Query(Food).filter('foodname =','apple') then it looks like your foodname is your key... Why not just use it as a key_name?

Then, you can even fetch the reviews without fetching the food itself:

key = db.Key.from_path('food', 'apple')
reviews = FoodReview.all().filter("reviews =", key)
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Thanks Eran! This definitely looks good and works fine too. –  Rasmus Oct 29 '10 at 1:26

The second method looks exactly like what AppEngine tutorial advices. Seems like the right thing to do, if you want to find all reviews for a particular foodname.

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