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Let's assume I have the following text:

"something [234][3243]"

I am trying to pull the values in between the square brackets. I came up with the following regex expression: .*\[(.*)\].* however this only allows me to pull the last value in between the brackets, in this example 3243. How do I pull all values, meaning get more groups within my Match object.

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        string s = "something[234][3243]";
        MatchCollection matches = Regex.Matches(s, @"(?<=\[)\d+(?=\])");
        foreach (Match m in matches)

You can do this with grouping parens, but if you use the look back and look ahead, then you will not need to pull the groups out of the match.

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If only numbers are allowed between the brackets, use


and use the .Matches method to get all matches.

var theString = "something [234][3243]";
var re = new Regex(@"\[(\d+)\]");
foreach (Match m in re.Matches(theString)) {

(if not only numbers are permitted, use \[([^]]+)\] instead.)

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If you want to search for any string between square brackets and not only numbers, you could make the group pattern lazy (by adding ?) and do this:


Then iterate through all the matches to hit all bracket contents (contained in the capture group). As someone else said, if you add look-ahead and look-behind, the match itself will be sans brackets.

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You can try:

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I know this wasn't a JavaScript question but here's how to do it in JS, since I don't know much C#. This doesn't use lookahead or lookbehinds and matches anything inside the brackets, not just numbers

var reg = /\[(\d+)\]/g;
var reg = /\[([^\]]+)\]/g;
var str = "something [234] [dog] [233[dfsfsd6]";

var matches = [];
var match = null;
while(match = reg.exec(str)) {
  // exec returns the first match as the second element in the array
  // and the next call to exec will return the next match or null
  // if there are no matches

// matches = [ "234", "dog", "233[dfsfsd6" ]
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