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I have a problem with teamsite 6 - I create new category under templatedata with single type Like categoyX/typeY TypeY contains datacapture.cfg as well as data and presentation folder (presentation folder has one template)

Now I try to run content creation form but see message: "Unable to create a new form of type categoryX/typeY under the branch ... This form was not configured for this branch or you do not have permission to access it"

I am new to team site - can anybody help with this issue?

thank you

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you have to add an entry to your TEAMSITE_FOLDER/local/config/templating.cfg. This file cannot be accessed through the teamsite back-office ; you will have to browse the filesystem.

Add the following node :

<templating ...>
  <category name="categoyX">

      <data-type name="typeY" dcr-type="xml">
        <viewoptions dcr-autonaming="f" actionlist="save;saveas" dcr-renaming="f" />


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