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Are there different callbacks available in like rails provide before_validation, before_update, before_save and before_destroy?

How to handle this scenarios in

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Does ASP.NET MVC have a base class from which all models are derived? If so, perhaps it wouldn't be too difficult to extend it. –  Samo Oct 28 '10 at 19:51
@Samo No idea about it. –  krunal shah Oct 28 '10 at 20:06

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Take a look at the concept of Filters in ASP.NET MVC and also to the following 4 methods in the controller base class: OnActionExecuting, OnResultExecuting, OnAuthorization, and OnException.

Update On a second though I just realize that you might be looking for methods at the Model level and I answered from the Controller level. Unfortunately from what I understand that ASP.NET MVC does not provide as much at the Model level as Ruby On Rails does.

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It looks like the link is broken so i'll pitch in.

In MVC you would use Action Filters

edit (I see you tagged as mvc but anyhow)

In Web Forms the onLoad method is run before each page action

Using a base class can span it over multiple pages

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