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I have an RTMP stream loading and would like to know the drop off time of the video. Is there a method of knowing when a person abruptly leaves the video session by closing the window, back button, address bar, etc?

Or do i need to make an external interface call from JavaScript to Flash using something like onunload & onbeforeunload events?

I am guessing that it is the later, but wanted to see if there was a method of keeping all my code inside of AS3.


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Have you considered listening to the following event: flash.events.NetStatusEvent from your NetConnection object?

I read on Adobe's forum that the NetStatusEvent event could be part of the solution although it seems its not enough in all cases. Some mention a ping functionality or databases log to find out when exactly the client disconnected.

I would try to combine the NetStatusEvent functionality with a Javascript listener.

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The only way I know of is to use JavaScript, but you can avoid relying on an external script by embedding the JavaScript inside your AS3, then use document.write through ExternalInterface, eg:

var script:XML = <javascript>
        window.onbeforeunload = function() { 
            [do flash callback here] 
ExternalInterface.call("document.write", '<script type="text/javascript">' + javascript.toString() + '</script>');
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