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Given the following code:

    status = row[COL_STATUS]

    if status == "idle":
        row[COL_EDITABLE] = True
        row[COL_FONTSTYLE] = pango.STYLE_NORMAL
        row[COL_WEIGHT] = pango.WEIGHT_NORMAL
    elif status == "DCed":
        row[COL_EDITABLE] = True
        row[COL_FONTSTYLE] = pango.STYLE_ITALIC
        row[COL_WEIGHT] = pango.WEIGHT_NORMAL
        row[COL_EDITABLE] = False
        row[COL_FONTSTYLE] = pango.STYLE_NORMAL
        row[COL_WEIGHT] = pango.WEIGHT_BOLD

Would the following be a net beneficial refactoring, in your opinion?

    d = {"idle": (True,  pango.STYLE_NORMAL, pango.WEIGHT_NORMAL),
         "DCed": (True,  pango.STYLE_ITALIC, pango.WEIGHT_NORMAL),
         None:   (False, pango.STYLE_NORMAL, pango.WEIGHT_BOLD)}
    e,f,w = d.get(status, d[None])
    row[COL_EDITABLE] = e
    row[COL_FONTSTYLE] = f
    row[COL_WEIGHT] = w

What if there were more cases or more row components to edit?

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What you gain in conciseness you lose in readability. In the current example, I can easily tell what goes where. In the new code, I have to think a little harder.

Multiply that by the next thousand edits and you're going to have some serious maintainability problems on your hands.

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agreed. The first example is simpler to read. –  Geoff Oct 28 '10 at 19:37
hm i agree i think.. will let some others post, but looking at the two side-by-side on my screen i just deleted the shorter version –  Claudiu Oct 28 '10 at 19:42

What about using objects and doing something akin to "Replace Type Code With Subclasses"? http://www.refactoring.com/catalog/replaceTypeCodeWithSubclasses.html

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