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i am trying to split a TextArea value where a pattern does not match

the text is like following:

Some Good Tutorials
Some Good Images
Some Good Videos

now i want to get only the links from the text so a better solution would be to split the whole string in an array of strings where the a line is not a url and then from amongst this array split each string with "\n"


okay i found a solution, i can find lines which does not begin with http:// or https:// and replace them with a good place holder after than i can get the links though i am weak in regex so can someone tell me how to do this in javascript?

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If all you want is the url's, why not just get them directly using match instead of split: something like /(http:\/\/.*?)/g Deppending on whether your regex engine crosses line breaks, you may need to tweak the preceding a bit, and may need to do something like append a linebreak before running the regex so as to ensure that you get the last link. – Sid_M Oct 28 '10 at 19:50
i can't do that because i want separate links grouped together, for example in the example above, some links are related to videos while some are related to images i want images' links grouped separately and and the others grouped separately – shaheer Oct 28 '10 at 20:01

Match the pattern. don't split with it.


(.+matches everything to the end of a line)

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Solved finally! Here is the code:

function split_lines() {
    var oText = $('linkTxtArea').value;
    removeBlankLines(); // a helper function to remove blank lines
    oText = oText.split("\n"); // first split the string into an array
    for (i = 0; i < oText.length; i++) // loop over the array
        if (!oText[i].match(/^http:/)) // check to see if the line does not begins with http:
            oText[i] = oText[i].replace(oText[i], "!replaced!"); // replace it with '!replaced!'
    oText = oText.toString().split("!replaced!"); // now join the array to a string and then split that string by '!replaced!'
    for (i = 1; i < oText.length; i++)
        oText[i] = oText[i].replace(/^,/,"").replace(/,$/,""); // there were some extra commas left so i fixed it
    return oText;
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