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I want to know you opinion and what should be the best approach for this case:

I have 2 table called: - clients; - suppliers;

I've create 2 pages for people to leave feedback about a client and for a supplier. With that in mind a created a table feedbacks.

Now the question is which approach should I choose:

1) Create one table called feedbacks with 2 foreign keys (clientid and supplierid). With this approach if they leave a feedback to the client then the FK supplierid would be empty.

2) create 2 tables called clientfeedbacks and suppliersfeedback. With this approach since each table would only have one FK then no FK would be empty.

Thank you.

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Why not just have one table called feedback, and then two separate join tables: client_feedback that maps client_id to feedback_id and then supplier_feedback that amps supplier_id to feedback_id? (has_many through in rails speak)

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+1: great alternative that is will actually be more descriptive from the data structure than trying to differentiate two data tables or two columns. –  Paul Sasik Oct 28 '10 at 20:02
never thought of that...I like it –  Yannick Oct 28 '10 at 20:10

By far option #2 is better between the two choices you gave.

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