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I'm working to do the following in my Rails App:

if record.updated_at > 15.minutes.ago do some stuff end

Meaning... If the record.updated_at was over 15 minutes ago, do some stuff...

This doesn't seem to be working. Ideas?

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This should actually work just fine I think. You could also try record.updated_at > ( - 15.minutes) – Max Schulze Oct 29 '10 at 2:58
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You want:

if record.updated_at < 15.minutes.ago

That's "less-than" as in "before".

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Greater than or less than should work, depending on which you mean. 15.minutes.ago returns a time object that should compare properly with record.updated_at. When you say it "doesn't seem to be working", could you be more specific? Also, if you could show a few more lines of code it may help. For example, if you're doing this all on one line then you're missing some syntax.

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