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I'm trying to alter the match value from preg_replace with an uppcase copy but cant seem to figure it out...

I've tried:

preg_replace("#\[name=((?:keywords)|(?:description))\]#is", "[name=" . strtoupper($1) . "]" ,$str )


preg_replace("#\[name=((?:keywords)|(?:description))\]#is", "[name={strtoupper($1)}]" ,$str )

but none work.

any help is muchly appreciated.

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You can use the e modifier as:

preg_replace("#\[name=((?:keywords)|(?:description))\]#ise", "'[name='.strtoupper('\\1'). ']'" ,$str )

Code In Action

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This is deprecated since PHP 5.5 in favor of preg_replace_callback –  amanuo Jul 25 at 6:28

You can use a callback function and preg_replace_callback for this.

E.g. (untested):

    create_function('$matches', 'return "[name=" . strtoupper($matches[1]) . "]"'),
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