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Using java, minus the exception handling, it is as simple as

FileOutputStream ostream = new FileOutputStream("\\\\host\\share");
PrintStream printStream = new PrintStream(ostream);
printStream.print("HELLO PRINTER");
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up vote 2 down vote accepted"\\\\host\\share") do |f|
  f.print("HELLO PRINTER#{12.chr}")
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does not currently work with jruby – russellkt Mar 2 '09 at 16:33

While I've never tried to print from Ruby, and while I don't have a Windows machine available to test on, it would seem to me that you don't want to be using the File class, but instead the IO class. You can see its documentation here: It looks like it actually has Windows specific options, so take a look and if it's not too helpful, let me know why.

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Thanks for the help. I don't know why I was getting the error earlier but it is working fine now. – russellkt Jan 2 '09 at 3:56

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