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I have a situation where I have to dynamically build a linq query based on user selections. If I had to dynamically generate sql I could do it this way:

        var sb = new StringBuilder();
        sb.AppendLine("SELECT * FROM products p");
        sb.AppendLine("WHERE p.CategoryId > 5");

        // these variables are not static but choosen by the user
        var type1 = true;
        var type2 = true;
        var type3 = false;

        string type1expression = null;
        string type2expression = null;
        string type3expression = null;

        if (type1)
            type1expression = "p.productType1 = true";

        if (type2)
            type2expression = "p.productType2 = true";

        if (type3)
            type3expression = "p.productType3 = true";

        string orexpression = String.Empty;
        foreach(var expression in new List<string>
               {type1expression, type2expression, type3expression})
            if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(orexpression) &&
                orexpression += " OR ";

            orexpression += expression;

        if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(orexpression))
            sb.AppendLine("AND (");

        // result:

       // SELECT * FROM products p
       // WHERE p.CategoryId > 5
       // AND (
       // p.productType1 = true OR p.productType2 = true
       // )

Now I need to create a linq query the same way.

This works well with subsonic

var result = from p in db.products
             where p.productType1 == true || p.productType2 == true
             select p;

I tried it with PredicateBuilder but that throws an exception with subsonic.

var query = from p in db.products
            select p;

var inner = PredicateBuilder.False<product>();
inner = inner.Or(p => p.productType1 == true);
inner = inner.Or(p => p.productType2 == true);

var result = query.Where(inner);

the exception that is thrown: NotSupportedException: The member 'productType1' is not supported at SubSonic.DataProviders.MySQL.MySqlFormatter.VisitMemberAccess.

Anybody has an idea how to get this query to work:

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hi SchlaWeiner, I also construct my queries the way you do. I usually use this for filtering, sorting, and paging. Do you have an elegant way to do this? – Aivan Monceller Jan 22 '11 at 6:03
I added an example. Just follow the link provided by Devart, download the sample project and add the Dynamic.cs file to your project. You have to add using System.Linq.Dynamic to your code in order to use the lib. – SchlaWiener Jan 24 '11 at 13:54

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Maybe Dynamic LINQ will be helpful?

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Yes, that worked. I suppose there is a more statically typed solution out there, that I don't find atm. But the dynamic linq source is indeed very powerful. Thanks. – SchlaWiener Nov 1 '10 at 8:31

Here is an usage example, as requested by geocine. It requires Dynamic Linq.

        var productTypes = new int[] {1,2,3,4};
        var query = from p in db.products
                    select p;

        if (productTypes.Contains(1))
            query.Add("productType1 = @0");

        if (productTypes.Contains(2))
            query.Add("productType2 = @0");

        if (productTypes.Contains(3))
            query.Add("productType3 = @0");

        if (productTypes.Contains(4))
            query.Add("productType4 = @0");

        if (productTypes.Count > 0)
            string result = String.Join(" OR ", productTypes);
            query = query.Where("(" + result + ")", true);

        var result = from p in query
                     select new {Id = p.ProductId, Name = p.ProductName };

it looks akward but it works.

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