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I need your help....I'm working on a little Time Management Sytem for my compagny.

I have several tables, including this two tables :


Id_check | id_user | week | time | …….


Id_user | first_name | last_name | ………

I would like find a means to construct a report which give me all people who didn't check 5 days for last weeks. For example

Id_user | week | time

So I have created a query like that :

SELECT week,id_user,SUM(time) AS totalW FROM pointage WHERE week<42
GROUP BY id_user,week HAVING totalW<5 ORDER BY id_user

My problem is that this query give me lates only if the person has checked at least one time (for a week).

For example, if the id_user '1' don't check any time for the week 40, he won't appear in my report. An important problem for a query which should give me all people in late in their checks. He will be appeared if he had checked at least one time, for example 1 day.

I have tried to modify my query, I have created a new table 'week', join it with LEFT / RIGHT JOIN but I don't find any solution to solve my wish !

So my last chance is to post this message !

Do you have an idea to obtain this report ?

Thanks very much for your help and sorry for my bad english !


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I didn't know the "functionnality". I will accept the future answers now ! – sanceray3 Oct 29 '10 at 8:33
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select week.week, users_id_users, 
   if(sum(time) is null, 0, sum(time)) 
   from pointage 
   where users.id_user=pointage.id_user and pointage.week=week.week 
   group by pointage.id_user 
   having count(*)<5
) as sum_time 
from users, week
where week.week<42
  • assuming your week table contains record from week 1..52
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Thank you very much, it functions with some modifications : select week.id_week, users.id_user,IFNULL( ( select sum(time) from pointage where users.id_user=pointage.id_user and pointage.week=week.id_week group by pointage.id_user ),0) as sum_time from users, week where week.id_week<42 – sanceray3 Nov 9 '10 at 8:37

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