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I'd like to create a function which can cope with JSON in the following nested format. The keys will change ie conditions - could be anything and the subcondition key could be anything but the structure remains the same.

My function is defined as

  populatePageEditorMenu: function (jsonPath, topLevel, childLevel){  

and called by

 populatePageEditorMenu("http://localhost/data/conditions.json", 'conditions', 'subcondition' );

this allows me to point to different bit of json with different keys with the SAME structure however I cant seem to get the subcondition key to be configurable my syntax is'nt quite right.

With the following JSON

    "conditions": [
            "condition": [
                    "name": "TOP",
                    "subcondition": [
                            "name": "CHILD1"

I can reference the top level conditions as such using square brackets..

                    function(data) {
                        $.each(data[topLevel], function(topentryIndex, entry) {

This works OK !

The problematic subsection doesnt seem to work I had prior to this using paramaterized used the following ... The square brackets dont work here ...

$.each(this.subcondition, function(entryIndex, entry) { ....

I've posted a more complete version on the jsfiddle the JSON can be seen in the CSS view.

Reference -

Any help much appreciated !


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The code and JSON you posted don't go together at all... – Nick Craver Oct 29 '10 at 10:04
tried to clear it up a bit .. shows the calling of the function and the definition. A more complete post can be found on the jsfiddle ref – wmitchell Oct 29 '10 at 10:06
Your jsFiddle isn't too much help without jsonPath being set... – Steve Greatrex Oct 29 '10 at 10:21
It wont actually work - I was more just using it to show the code a bit more clearly - assume the jsonPath points to the content in the CSS – wmitchell Oct 29 '10 at 10:34
At what do you want to point at with this.action and this.subaction ? Don't see there anything like this inside the json. – Dr.Molle Oct 29 '10 at 10:45

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Thanks for looking at this guys apologies it was probably hard for me to explain what I was after.

Basically I wanted to know if I could use variables to represent the fields I was trying to access within an object

I was able to use things like

$.each(data[topLevel], function(topentryIndex, entry) {

Where toplevel was a string rep of a field in the object



to do it

Thanks for looking at this. I had a few mistakes in my json also which probably didnt help. Not sure If I should leave this post around or delete it.

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