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I do not know how to use Photoshop, but right now I have a website to design. Could you recommend a software for web design?

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If you have the money, use PhotoShop. If you don't, use GIMP.

They're both powerful and will take some time to learn them to their full potential, but well worth it.

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Photo shop is worth working with, easy to understand and hell lots of online helps can be used..

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Get a trial version of Photoshop until you can afford to pay for the full program. GIMP is a good recommendation, but Photoshop is the industry standard, and it's worth knowing.

Alternately, I'd suggest skipping Photoshop altogether and designing the site using HTML and CSS. A lot of programmers prefer web designers who work this way, because they have something they can implement a lot more easily than a .PSD.

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