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I get a Overflow error when i try this calculation, but i cant figure out why.

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Changed my answer – Harpal Oct 29 '10 at 11:33

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The number you're asking math.exp to calculate has, in decimal, over 110,000 digits. That's slightly outside of the range of a double, so it causes an overflow.

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Is there a solution? – Zv_oDD May 28 at 6:45

It's taking forever to calculate the math.exp of your expression in linux calc - actually around 3 minutes on my PC. The output didn't fit on screen, but here's the last part of it:


Question: how on earth did you come up with that kind of an expression? ;)

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P.S. I can post the whole output if you're interested ;) – kovshenin Oct 29 '10 at 10:23
......please no – mlvljr Jun 2 '11 at 21:28

This may give you a clue why:*1000000*-0.0641515994108%29

Notice the 111442 exponent.

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I think the value gets too large to fit into a double in python which is why you get the OverflowError. The largest value I can compute the exp of on my machine in Python is math.log(sys.float_info.max).

>>> math.exp(709.782712893384)
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