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We are using DevExpress XtraReports 2009v3.3 and although I can achieve what I want through various formatting objects in code, there must be a (better/less painless/maintainable/visual) way of achieving what I require...

I need to produce a report, designed to end-user 'look & feel'. We have many companies which use our software and they all require different design schema's/templates for their reports. For example - a single report, depending on who logs on (we know what company they belong to) apply the template the report should use.

As an example, some of the requirements (per end-user/company) include:

their own logo (positioned in the correct place), Margins being of specific size their own fonts (or font choice) alternating colours schemes Specific rows / columns being particular colours (both permanently and based on value) Formatting of values, for example a european user would get euro, a uk user gets pounds on certain columns/cells/rows.

I know there is an End-User Report Designer, however this isn't what we require - I must create the schema/template design for a report then apply it at runtime.

Also using save/load layout for multiple repx files isn't the best solution as a change to the report would cause a lot of extra work as you would have to update each repx template file.

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It is possible to create different reports and save it to the repx format via XtraReport.SaveLayout method and use these repx files as template.

Similar but different question

I asked dev express and they basically said there isn't any 'layout abstraction' that would do what I require.

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