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currently i am designing a shopping cart in Zend Framework. I decided to write code for user/roles/product catalog from scratch which i have already done and tested. But for other things i need you guys to guide me which are the best classes/libraries to build this system system.

I need following functionality as

  1. Order
  2. Inventory
  3. Accounts
  4. Paypal Integration
  5. UPS/USPS/Fedex Integration.

and thanks for your time.

Note: I have already gone through magento modules, its bit difficult to extract from it what i need, so it will be last resort for me.

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External vendors such as Paypal or Fedex has guides on their sites.

Take a look like other do this:

  • Magento Commerce
  • Opencart
  • PrestaShop
  • OsCommerce
  • Zen Cart
  • Digistore
  • CREloaded
  • Zeuscart
  • ShopperPress

I'm surprised it's difficult to extract. Magento architecture isn't very complicated.

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Forget trying to "extract it yourself". Here's an actual tutorial that shows you how to use the Zend Framework and PayPal API calls.


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+1 Thanks bro, its a good resource. I will surly use it when i will be in need. –  Imran Naqvi Apr 11 '11 at 17:38

Zend Framework doesn't have libraries, it's a framework which means all the stuff you need for the libraries and shopping cart is there... you'll just have to write them yourself

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