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I'm running nosetests on a remote server.

On my local server my test.ini and development.ini files are in the same directory. On my remote server, they are not.

If I try to run just


on the remote server, I get:

IOError: File '/foo/bar/development.ini' not found

Is there an option to specify the location of development.ini (as opposed to test.ini, for which I think you could use --config=) in on the command line? I don't want to edit setup.cfg if possible.


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The nosetests version installed into you virtualenv of the Pylons installation should have a nose plugin that allows you to specify a --with-pylons parameter pointing to your development.ini.

So try

$ nosetests --with-pylons=<your path>/development.ini

on the server.

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Nice one - thank you! –  AP257 Oct 29 '10 at 14:07

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