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I'm creating a suite of Selenium tests for an web album application. I would like to test whether an image is actually displayed (it contains valid image data). Is such thing possible?

Thanks for help.

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I faced this similar situation before where the src of the image is as expected but the image is not displayed on the page.

You can check if the image is getting displayed or not by using the JavaScriptExcecutor.

Use the following code - Pass the WebElement (image) -

 Object result = ((JavascriptExecutor) driver).executeScript(
   "return arguments[0].complete && "+
   "typeof arguments[0].naturalWidth != \"undefined\" && "+
   "arguments[0].naturalWidth > 0", image);

    boolean loaded = false;
    if (result instanceof Boolean) {
      loaded = (Boolean) result;

You can verify if the image has actually loaded on the webpage by doing this.

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Thank you, I didn't expect anyone would post working solution after this many months. I ended up using this code to check that all images are present on the page: var elems = document.getElementsByTagName("img"); var allOk = true; for(var i = 0; i < elems.length; i++) {allOk &= elems[i].complete && typeof elems[i].naturalWidth != "undefined" && elems[i].naturalWidth > 0;console.log(elems[i].naturalWidth);} allOk;. – Matěj Zábský May 9 '12 at 9:59
Your welcome. Glad it solved your problem. – Hari Reddy May 30 '12 at 5:09

If you are willing to use the TestPlan frontend to Selenium there a few options. Once you have the URL of the image you can grab this URL and inspect the returned headers. you can also save the data to a file if you'd like to manually inspect it. Or you can write a validator in Java to take that data and check to see if it actually decodes.

If you're willing to try it out then I'll write you a sample script. I can even do a quick image validator function if you'd like.

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This software looks interesting, but I'm bound to use Bromine fron-end. Our company has already spent some man-hours customizing it and dumping that work just because of the image-testing is not viable. Thanks for the tip though. – Matěj Zábský Nov 2 '10 at 12:02

If you're using Java, selenium has a method named eval or so. You give it a javascript string and it gives you the result as a string. For example, you could try this (in one line):

var req = new XMLHttpRequest();'get', document.getElementById('imageid').src, false);

This should return "true" for status 200 or "false" for something else.

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I'm not quite sure what you're asking. Do you want to check that the image links return 200 status codes? Or that the linked data is a valid image? Or that the browser actually displays the page?

The first two are straightforward and can be done without Selenium in many cases by using an HTTP library in your favorite language (if you need to interact with the page, Selenium is likely still your better bet). If the latter, that's going to be an incredibly difficult problem to solve.

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You can certainly check that the image appears in the page source e.g. by using a XPath parameter.

You can assume that because it is in the page source, it will be displayed but I don't know of any way to actually validate this.

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There are situation, when the gallery page is generated okay, but the image itself is invalid - for example due to exception in the image script. – Matěj Zábský Oct 31 '10 at 19:17

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