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Currently I am using fragment caching with an object key. And I expire the cache using Touch with updates the updated_at column and then the current cache become obsolete. And a new cache is generated the next time.

<% cache do product %>

The cache key for an object looks like this


Now I want to cache my products somewhere else. To do so I would like to do same thing as before which is simply give the object in cache options, but I can't do that :(

It would be great if I could generate a key like this in order to still have my cache expired with the Touch.

<% cache product,something do %>

Unfortunately this is not possible, does someone has any idea how I could solve my problem?


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You can pass any old array you like to the fragment, so it's a pretty simple change to achieve what you're after:

<% cache [product, other, product.updated_at] do %>
<% end %>
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