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I'm kind of new to LINQ and I'm trying to represent the following query in LINQ to Entities:

Select * from Cotations CT1 
where CT1.CotationID = iCot_ID and 
      Revision = 
          (select max(revision) 
          from Cotations CT2 
          where CT1.CotationID = CT2.Cotation)

where iCot_ID is an external parameter, and Cotations is my entity set.

Better yet, how can I represent this as an association between two entities?

If I have the following entities:





--Revision key,

and for each MasterLog I want to have an association with Cotation based only on CotationID where Revision is max for that cotation (as in above query)



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I think you have overcomplicated your query. The below should do it.

int iCot_ID  = 0;

var query = (
  from c in context.Coalation
   .Where(x=>x.Cotationid == iCot_ID)

I don't quite understand the second half of your question. Please take some time and further explain what you would like to do with MasterLog.

Here is a guess:

var cQuery = (
           from c in context.Coalation
                  group c by g.Revision into g
                  orderby g.Revision descending
           select g.First()

var mQuery = (
           from m in MasterLog
           join c in cQuery 
               on m.cotationID equals c.Cotationid
           select new {
                MasterLog = m,
                Cotation = c

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