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Usually with my output I am writing it to the Transcript with...

Transcript show:

How does one write the output to a file instead?

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You want to use a FileStream

See this link describing FileStreams

Excerpt below:

FileStream FileStreams support all of ExternalStreams protocol. They can be created to read, write, readWrite or append from/to a file. Creation:

* for reading:

      aStream := FileStream readonlyFileNamed:aFilenameString

* to read/write an existing file:

      aStream := FileStream oldFileNamed:aFilenameString

* to create a new file for writing:

      aStream := FileStream newFileNamed:aFilenameString

The above was the internal low level instance creation protocol, which is somewhat politically incorrect to use. For portability, please use the companion class Filename to create fileStreams:

* for reading:

      aStream := aFilenameString asFilename readStream

* to read/write an existing file:

      aStream := aFilenameString asFilename readWriteStream

* to create a new file for writing:

      aStream := aFilenameString asFilename writeStream

* to append to an existing file:

      aStream := aFilenameString asFilename appendingWriteStream
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And then of course don't forget to handle the character encoding you want, if you're not writing binary or the default encoding. In Pharo/Squeak, set the converter to the needed TextConverter subclass.

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