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I want to add HTML like this:

<div><img src="item.png"/>&nbsp;<a href="#"><span>Hello</span></a></div>

but in some cases I need to get rid of the wrapping a-element, so it looks like this:

<div><img src="item.png"/>&nbsp;<span>Hello</span></div>

This a-element could be anywhere in arbitrary HTML-fragments. I grab it by a[href="#"]. This HTML is not part of the DOM, it get's added to the DOM after the a-element was removed.

I went to all kind of stuff jQuery offers for this, but didn't make it. My main problem is, that there seems to be no way to apply a selector to HTML created by jQuery like this:

$("html code from above");

I tried to get the a-element replacing it with it's inner HTML, but all my constructs with find() and replaceWith() fail, mostly just the <span>Hello</span> is left :(

How does a jQuery-pro solve this?

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Instead of removing the anchor, why not add it if needed? – user166390 Oct 29 '10 at 20:47
The a-element forms the clickable part of the HTML and as this is created by "third party" I wouldn't know where to put it in. – user414873 Oct 30 '10 at 6:23

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What you need to do is set the context of your selector. See this reference:

In your case, when you do the selection to replace the link, set the context as the HTML fragment that you are modifying. Here's an example:

$(function() {
    //create snippet
    var mySnippet = $('<div><img src="item.png"/>&nbsp;<a href="#"><span>Hello</span></a></div>');

    //remove the link, using the snippet as the context
    $('a[href="#"]', mySnippet).replaceWith($('a[href="#"]', mySnippet).html());

    //insert the modified snippet

And here's a demo of that in action (not very exciting, but shows that it works):

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Thanks Ender, this works fine. I wasn't aware of the possibility to give a context when using replaceWith. – user414873 Oct 30 '10 at 6:24

Wouldn't the unwrap feature do what you want?

If you just want to remove the surrounding tag (like an anchor)

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Just wanted to add that if you have text in an element you wan't to unwrap, you have to chain contents first: $('a').contents().unwrap() – drphrozen Apr 9 '13 at 9:07

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