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I want to read DOM document using Stax stream readers and write it using Stax stream writers. I want to modify xml file and change some element values I want the cursor to point at a certain element in xml file befor building dom tree I wrote this code but the xml file did not modified can anybody help me ?

FileInputStream input = new FileInputStream("cv.xml"); XMLStreamReader reader = XMLInputFactory.newInstance().createXMLStreamReader(input); BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(System.in));

    //-*-*- get new entries from input stream
    System.out.println("<< CV >>\n -> Modify the first reference\n    ** Modify The Name **");
    System.out.print("    Enter degree : ");
    String degree = in.readLine();
    System.out.print("    Enter first name : ");
    String fName = in.readLine();
    System.out.print("    Enter last name : ");
    String lName = in.readLine();
    System.out.println("    ** Modify The Address ** ");
    System.out.print("    Enter new city : ");
    String newCity = in.readLine();
    System.out.print("    Enter new country : ");
    String newCountry = in.readLine();

    //-*-*- let the reader point at the first "reference" element
    int eventType;
    boolean ref = false, fname = false;
    while (reader.hasNext()) {
        eventType = reader.next();
        switch (eventType) {
            case XMLEvent.START_ELEMENT:
                if (reader.getLocalName().equalsIgnoreCase("references"))
    //-*-*- build DOM trees using Stax stream reader
    Document doc = new DOMConverter().buildDocument(reader);
    //-*-*- start modification
    Element firstRef = (Element)doc.getElementsByTagName("reference").item(0);
    NodeList name = (NodeList)firstRef.getElementsByTagName("name");
    //-*-*- modify the degree (Dr. , Eng. , Dev. ,etc)
    Attr att = (Attr)name.item(0).getAttributes().item(0);
    //-*-*- modify first name
    NodeList firstName = (NodeList)firstRef.getElementsByTagName("fname");
    NodeList firstNameChilds = (NodeList)firstName.item(0).getChildNodes();
    //-*-*- modify last name
    NodeList lastName = (NodeList)firstRef.getElementsByTagName("lname");
    NodeList lastNameChilds = (NodeList)lastName.item(0).getChildNodes();
    //-*-*- modify city
    NodeList city = (NodeList)firstRef.getElementsByTagName("city");
    NodeList cityChilds = (NodeList)city.item(0).getChildNodes();
    //-*-*- modify country
    NodeList country = (NodeList)firstRef.getElementsByTagName("country");
    NodeList countryChilds = (NodeList)country.item(0).getChildNodes();

    //-*-*- write DOM document
    FileOutputStream out = new FileOutputStream("cv.xml");
    XMLStreamWriter sw = XMLOutputFactory.newInstance().createXMLStreamWriter(out);

    new DOMConverter().writeDocument(doc, sw);
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It's probably because you are returning when you find the "references" element. Maybe break is what you meant.

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no, I meant return, I want to stop while loop when the XMLStreamReader match "references" element. so, the dom tree begin from this element –  sahar Oct 29 '10 at 21:16
Return will exit out of the entire method. I'm pretty sure you want break to get out of that while loop. Try putting some debugging statements after that loop and you'll see what I mean. –  Cameron Skinner Oct 29 '10 at 21:55
yes you are right about return but when I use break it will get out of switch but still in the loop after the cursor match references element and will reach the end of the document –  sahar Oct 29 '10 at 22:07
Right, so you need a better loop control variable. Try a boolean that is false at the beginning and set to true when you find references. You will still need to check for reader.hasNext(). –  Cameron Skinner Oct 29 '10 at 22:11
I tried this :int eventType; boolean ref = false, fname = false; while (reader.hasNext()) { eventType = reader.next(); switch (eventType) { case XMLEvent.START_ELEMENT: if (reader.getLocalName().equalsIgnoreCase("references")) { ref = true; break; } } if(ref) break; } System.out.println("I am here"); –  sahar Oct 29 '10 at 22:21
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