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I would like to split a string along whitespaces, and I know that the tokens represent valid integers. I would like to transform the tokens into integers and populate a vector with them.

I could use boost::split, make a vector of token strings, then use std::transform.

What is your solution? Using boost is acceptable.

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possible duplicate of How do I tokenize a string in C++? - see answer from @KeithB – Steve Townsend Oct 29 '10 at 21:08
How about some of the examples from the following: They are very efficient and somewhat elegant. The String Toolkit Library makes complex string processing in C++ simple and easy. – Matthieu N. Dec 8 '10 at 5:32

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Something like this:

std::istringstream iss("42 4711 ");
std::vector<int> results( std::istream_iterator<int>(iss)
                        , std::istream_iterator<int>() );


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You can use Boost.Tokenizer. It can easily be wrapped up into an explode_string function that takes a string and the delimiter and returns a vector of tokens.

Using transform on the returned vector is a good idea for the transformation from strings to ints; you can also just pass the Boost.Tokenizer iterator into the transform algorithm.

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Is there a way of using boost::tokenizer with arbitrary tokens? It seems to work with characters like ' ', ',', '(', ')', ';'. Is there a way to use for example 'm' as a token? – user3728501 Mar 5 '13 at 15:59

Use Boost's string algorithm library to split the string into a vector of strings, then std::for_each and either atoi or boost::lexical_cast to turn them into ints. It's likely to be far simpler than other methods, but may not have the greatest performance due to the copy (if someone has a way to improve it and remove that, please comment).

std::vector<int> numbers;

void append(std::string part)

std::string line = "42 4711"; // borrowed from sbi's answer
std::vector<std::string> parts;
split(parts, line, is_any_of(" ,;"));
std::for_each(parts.being(), parts.end(), append);


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You could always use strtok or string.find().

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