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Are there methods in Mono C# to interact with file ACLs and extended ACLs?

I found the assembly Mono.Posix.dll, and the class UnixFileInfo.

This can give me nice things like the owner group and user, but no ACLs.

Does it exist? Or would I have to basically use DllImport for everything?

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The header files to do this in C are in /user/include/sys/acl.h on my system. – jonathanpeppers Nov 1 '10 at 16:08
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As far as I know, Mono.Posix has no implementation for ACLs.

And also the namespace System.Security.AccessControl is not implemented by Mono.

If you want to change ACLs in Windows, you can create a library (dll) compiled with the .NET framework, using System.Security.AccessControl for do it, and then load it from Mono through reflection.

Here are some resources about how to use System.Security.AccessControl:


Other alternative using Microsoft.Win32.Security:


The other alternative is use DllImport and call native methods.

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This would be running on Unix only, so looks like DllImport is the only option? – jonathanpeppers Nov 9 '10 at 15:15

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