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I am looking for some way to programmatically upload an iPhone/iPad application to a device through USB connection from Mac OS X and launch the application on the device. I know how to do it manually from XCode. The goal is to create test automation of an application on iPhone/iPad device/simulator. Thank you.

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Although not necessarily programmatic, you can try using the Automator on the Mac - you can record a workflow and then replay it as required.

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Xcode actions, such as Build and Run, are Applescript-able, and you can run Applescript scripts from another automation script (say in Python) running on a Mac.

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Thank you for the idea. I think it should work as a preliminary solution. Moreover, I have planned to use Python for the automation. So, it fits my plans. I also want to investigate how Xcode does it internally. It should have some application or plug-in that performs uploading and launching. It would be great if it’s a command line tool. I would vote for your answer but I am not allowed yet. –  MikhailV Oct 31 '10 at 0:16

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