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I am looking for a node.js framework which is capable of tracing user sessions via cookies/storage on the server side.

Storage has to be in MongoDB

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A 'user session' can be anything, depending on your requirements. I doubt you'll find any framework that will fulfill your needs. But it could be fairly easily implemented using native drivers. –  Mads Mogenshøj Oct 29 '10 at 23:36

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Look at the express framework. http://expressjs.com/ it is built on the connect middleware which has several middleware providers for the features you are after.

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Thanks, but I couldn't find the example of code how MongoDB storage should be instantiated. If you know where to find that that'd be greatly appreciated! –  Art Oct 31 '10 at 6:39
Try this: howtonode.org/express-mongodb –  heavysixer Oct 31 '10 at 16:13

You can use the express framework, and to use MongoDB storage you will need connect-mongodb. It does exactly what you're looking for and no more.

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