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I get the following error in Xcode:

Error: 175002 (RA layer request failed) Description: OPTIONS of 'http://User@': could not connect to server (

I made two changes since the last time it worked:

  • The local IP address of the computer it's connected to has changed (which obviously would explain why it can't connect)
  • I upgraded from SDK 4.0 to 4.1

I tried to fix it by doing the following:

  • I went to SCM > Repositories
  • Configured my repository and set the new IP address.

It correctly shows the "M" icons near each file that was modified, however, I still get these error messages occasionally, meaning that the old IP address is still stored somewhere.

What else do I need to modify when the IP address changes?

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If you originally checked out the tree using http://User@ (say), then every folder in your working copy will still have a reference to the old location. You need to use svn switch --relocate like so:

cd MyProj
svn switch --relocate http://User@ http://User@newip/svn/MyProj

Don't be puzzled that files show up as M, and that svn can still compute diffs correctly - these are both local operations that require no repository access.

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That worked, thanks. The command svn info can also help to see the current URL used by any given directory. – Senseful Nov 1 '10 at 9:19

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