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Which method should I use to assert that two lists contains the same objects with MSpec?

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You could use the ShouldContainOnly(IEnumerable<T>) extension method.

So if you have 2 lists, listA and listB use:

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...but check that your objects implement Equals appropriately. Machine.Specifications looks for IComparable<T>, IComparable, IEquatable<T>, and then uses Comparer<T>.Default. –  Roger Lipscombe Nov 28 '11 at 15:28
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If the order of the items in the list doesn't matter, you would use

listA.ShouldContainOnly(listB); // both lists must have exactly the same items
listA.ShouldContain(listB);     // listA must at least contain the items of listB

If the order of the items matters, you can use

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