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I'm using Eclipse HELIOS to code a Rich Client app. The following entries are added automatically to my APP "PERSPECTIVES MENU": "Java, Java Browsing, Java Type Hierarchy, Team Synchronizing". I need to get rid of them.

i'm using the extension point="org.eclipse.ui.activities" to disable unwanted extensions (like the editor and search options that appear on the coolbar)

I managed to get rid of "Debug" by adding "org.eclipse.debug.ui.*"

This is my actual config:

<extension point="org.eclipse.ui.activities">
    <activity id="rcpcolibri.disablextensions" name="Hidden activities"/>
    <activityPatternBinding activityId="rcpcolibri.disablextensions" pattern="org.eclipse.debug.ui.*"/>
    <activityPatternBinding activityId="rcpcolibri.disablextensions" pattern="org.eclipse.search.*"/>
    <activityPatternBinding activityId="rcpcolibri.disablextensions" pattern="org.eclipse.ui.editors.*"/>
    <activityPatternBinding activityId="rcpcolibri.disablextensions" pattern="org.eclipse.ui.externaltools.*"/>

What extensions should i disable?

Is there another way of managing this issue?

Eclipse should work the other way arround: we shoud ADD what we need, and not have everything thrown in by eclipse...


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"org.eclipse.team.*" was responsible for "Team Synchronizing". It's now gone from the Perspective menu. Still looking for the "Java..." options. –  marcolopes Oct 30 '10 at 6:01
Did you ever find a better solution for this? Seems odd that we would have to explicitly disable these views –  lucks Mar 18 '11 at 18:38
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What template did you follow to create your RCP?
If you look at Vogella's RCP tutorial, you end up with a very empty RCP:

alt text

That being said, Vogella also addresses activities in his "Eclipse Activities – Hide / Display certain UI elements", where you can see concrete example of activityPatternBinding filtering.
He recommends also to combine those activities with some commands.

Activities can also be used together with core expressions and your own define expressions (which you define via ISourceProvider.

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I used "create new Plugin-Project" with the Rich Client App Option. I've configured everything, and ALL was working as it should until the latest eclipse Helios Auto-Update. After that, my Perspective Menu was "invaded" with new options. –  marcolopes Oct 30 '10 at 5:33
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