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db.mycollection.find(HAS IMAGE URL)
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Try using $exists

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$exists just handles the case of the key exists. It doesn't handle the case where the key exists but its value is null. The answer below that calls out the difference between $exists and $ne is the more useful answer. –  Bob Kuhar Sep 14 '12 at 21:00
I agree the other answer is better, and am reminded of that every couple weeks with each new downvote. TIMEX if you're still there, I suggest changing the accepted answer to @Tim's. –  Ben Taitelbaum Mar 6 '13 at 19:16
After reading your comment, I'll not downvote you, but will Up @Tim. –  Kumar Harsh Aug 8 '13 at 11:13
Not the correct answer. Tim is correct. –  redice Dec 6 '13 at 6:55
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the Query Will be

db.mycollection.find({"IMAGE URL":{"$exists":"true"}})

it will return all documents having "IMAGE URL" as a key ...........

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This will return all documents with a key called "IMAGE URL", but they may still have a null value.

db.mycollection.find({"IMAGE URL":{$exists:true}});

This will return all documents with both a key called "IMAGE URL" and a non-null value.

db.mycollection.find({"IMAGE URL":{$ne:null}});

Also, according to the docs, $exists currently can't use an index, but $ne can. That probably doesn't matter for what you're doing, but it might for others reading this.

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It's the correct answer! –  redice Dec 6 '13 at 6:54
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In pymongo you can use:

db.mycollection.find({"IMAGE URL":{"$ne":None}});

Because pymongo represents mongo "null" as python "None".

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