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yes can search google but there are thousand of results

by your experience which links give the best for a beginner who has to make some website using it within a month.

  • i mean the styling,

  • the ways to style the footer (you knw the copyright message)

using vs08 c# aspx


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Not sure what more of an answer you are looking for than: yes, HTML+CSS...? –  Marc Gravell Oct 30 '10 at 6:45

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First of all, when you are beginning to use CSS you understand that browser compatibility is the main point. You can't only referer to CSS2 or CSS3 convention. Take a look at quirkmode.

Then here come HTML Dog.

W3Schools is good for beginners but you'll quickly need more pro and detailed references. And at this point, it will depend on your needs.

Then you have to know some CSS tricks & hacks : Firebug is really our savior.

@media screen { div p.goodLuck:before { content: "Good luck !" // Don't work on IE (owwww noz, first compatiblity fail :D) } }

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