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is it possible to create a custom JSTL tag that accepts a non-string attribute?

I would like to create a tag that would be handle pagination using PagedListHolder from Spring MVC.

<%@tag body-content="scriptless" description="basic page template" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%>

<%-- The list of normal or fragment attributes can be specified here: --%>
<%@attribute name="pagedList" required="true" %>

<%-- any content can be specified here e.g.: --%>
<%@taglib prefix="c" uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core"%>

    <c:when test="${!pagedList.firstPage}">
        <a href="
           <c:url value="pagedList">
               <c:param name="page" value="${pagedList.page - 1}"/>

<%-- ...more --%>

This tag would require an instance of PagedListHolder class.

Sort of like this, but I realize this is not valid.

<templ:pagedList pagedList="${players}"/>

Do I need to write a tag handler to achieve this?

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You can just specify the type attribute on the attribute directive.

<%@ attribute name="pagedList" required="true" type="org.springframework.beans.support.PagedListHolder" %>
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After reading a whole on tag files, I was thinking that it should be possible just with a tag file. Your comment confirmed that. I tried it and it works. Thanks! –  prasopes Nov 8 '10 at 22:24
Yeah, I love tag files. Glad I could help. :) –  Steven Benitez Nov 8 '10 at 22:45

In short: JSTL tags are allowed to have non-string attributes, as you're using spring mvc, your tag class could look like this:

public class PagedListTag extends RequestContextAwareTag {

    private PagedListHolder pagedList;

    protected int doStartTagInternal() throws Exception {
        // do something with pagedList
        return SKIP_BODY;

    public void doFinally() {
        this.pagedList = null;

    public void setPagedListed(PagedListHolder pagedList) {
        this.pagedList = pagedList;

The only thing you have to do is to register it properly with the pagedList attribute in your .tld file:

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Thank you! Looks like I'll have to look into tag handlers after all. –  prasopes Oct 30 '10 at 21:49

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