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I need to get data from JSON, transfered by ajax from client. Basically I used something like this:

def serve_ajax():
    return main.parse_request(json.dumps(dict(request.GET)))

Where main.parse_request is a function, that contains some logics to deal with variables in JSON (it is a main procedure of our game engine).

So the problem is that I can't correctly handle JSON vars, by transforming request.GET in a dict: cause in a way, that I already wrote I can't pass nested objects and arrays, also every value has a string type, while I need to have integer types on integers and string type on rest other.

Or, since I can obtain original query string (by request.query_string), how can I convert query string into original JSON object?

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Now since bottle 0.10, the request.json is ready for use :)

Document is here.

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request.json is limited by MEMFILE_MAX.

Another way works if request data is larger than MEMFILE_MAX

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